Izarraitz LHII

Mission, Vision and Values



The role of our educational centre is to respond to the training needs for the various current and future professions in our environment (Urola valley), providing students with an education based on the progressive development of their potential, promoting basque cultural and linguistic standa rdisation and channelling integrating relationships between people so that they can be incorporated into our country with an optimistic attitude.

The management, together with the people who make up the organisation, is responsible for offering its customers a quality service that complies with environmental requirements and obligations. For this, it is necessary to have information, communication, training, participation and opinion of the people who make up the organisation in all areas of the Integrated Management System, as well as with the people who carry out actions on their behalf.



The vision of our centre is to be a benchmark in education in the valley, setting an example in the fields of basque, technology and culture, the environment and health, providing appropriate responses to the current and future training and educational needs of the valley, valuing the satisfaction of a job well done and promoting attractive, exciting, participatory and effective projects.



  • We are an institution that promotes the progress of the Basque language and culture and integrates a multilingual and multicultural environment.
  • The student as a whole is the fundamental objective of our educational process.
  • We are a pluralist, open, co-educational, non-discriminatory organisation that promotes democratic values.
  • The active participation of all the different groups – parents, students, teachers, non-teachers – will be a driving force in our operation.
  • Transparency in management at all levels through good communication will guide our action.
  • Teamwork and coordination between all students/staff, both across the board and from top to bottom, will be at the heart of our action.
  • Pedagogical innovation based on continuous improvement will be the cornerstone of our school.
  • Open to the valley, we are a centre that is in close relationship and collaboration with the surrounding institutions, responding to the training needs both in Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning at all levels.
  • Pollution prevention and environmental monitoring and prevention. As well as the prevention of damage to the health and safety of workers arising from actions carried out in the centre or on its behalf.