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IZARRAITZ lanbide heziketa is an educational center that only offers Vocational Training.

We offer Vocational training  cycles (Higher and Intermediate), Courses for Workers and courses for the Unemployed.


Workplace Trainign (WT) is a compulsory vocational module that is taken in all vocational training courses, wether Basic, Intermediate or Advanced.

It is a phase of practical training in the company that takes place in the workplace and that, as a general rule, must be carried out, once all the professional modules of the training cycle have been completed, in the real environmet of the company.

The professional module of Workplacen Training (WT) does not have an employment or scholarship relationship; the students who take it continue to be students enrolled in regulated education.

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Dual Vocational Training combines learning processes in companies and educatioanl centres through collaboration between the two of them.

The students’ training in the company must be closely related to the professional profile of the training cycle and to the specialisations programmed. Therefore, this work in the company should not only allow the productive result, but also the learning itself and, ultimately, the adquisition of work skills, specialisation and other transversal skills useful for improving employability.

Objetives of Dual VET

Dual Vocational Training aims to make it possible to obtain a Vocational Training qualification through a learning process that is developed in collaboration between educational centres and companies.

but not work by learning.

Dual Vocational Training aims to facilitate young people’s access to the labour market by promoting quality jobs. It replaces the product and production process with the qualification and competence of the worker.

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To contact us : lpduala@izarraitz.eus

At Izarraitz Vocational Training we offer a job placement service to help our students find a job. If you would like to register, please contact the person in charge of the service directly, they would indicate you the steps to follow and the documentation to provide.

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We make our advanced equipment and facilities available to companies in Vocational Training centers, along with the experience of our specialist teachers in different areas.

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