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Efficient Building Development

What is Tiny House?


The proposed project analyses the necessary competences and determines the appropriate trainings according to the "Passivhaus Standard" and adapted to the European Zero Energy Buildings Directive (Directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2012 on Energy Efficiency (EPBD)), taking into account the future of European building standards.

Also, the best way to validate the formation of the Passivhaus methodology is to test with the practical implementation of a special prototype under concrete conditions. All this knowledge would open the way to expand the possibilities of Passive, Smart and Efficient Construction on the way to Energy Self-Sufficient construction, known as “POSITIVE HOUSE”.

On the other hand, intelligent construction is an immediate future and this project is approached from an integral and multidisciplinary perspective to promote and increase the best possible technological solutions and systems in buildings. With the aim of achieving efficient, safe, functional and accessible constructions, as well as socialising these constructions in the capital cities.

For this reason, the construction of the Tiny House is proposed:

● Because it is a niche market in our country.
● Because it is a real model of informational action to go out into the street and achieve a social expansion and a projection of work on fundamental energy saving, i.e. low energy demand.

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