Izarraitz LHII

Advanced Management System


The IZARRAITZ Vocational Training Management, together with the rest of the people in the organisation, has taken on the responsability of providing  stakeholders with a quiality service that meets their conditions and expectations, respecting the environment and guaranteeing safety for people. Therefore, at the centre we consider it essential to inform, communicate, train, participate and consult with all the people who make up the centre in all its lines of action, including the people who carry out activities on its behalf.

Thus, the CIFP Izarraitz began the course as an integrated professional training center in September 2019, and nowadays, it has IS0 14001, certification of environmental management systems and IS0 9001, certification of quality management systems (click on the images to enlarge them). It also participates in the 2030 VOCATIONAL TRAINING AGENDA.

Based on ISO 9001 certified process management, we have achieved:

ISO 9001

Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the maganement system and the work within its scope

Comply with the legal requirements applicable to our activity and those we have made

Setting the centre's objectives, revising them when necessary, extending them and ensuring that they are achieved

Through the  ISO 14001 standar, we manage and identify the enviromental risks that may arise within the centre:

Environmental prevention and surveillance

Inform staff and students about the effects of our activity on the environment

Promote environmental protection and pollution prevention

  • Channel a diverse academic offer, attending to the different needs of the students and the demands of current and future society.
  • Improve relations and collaboration between all members of the school community, gathering their intentions and concerns and putting them into practice in order to make them believe in the Educational Project.
  • Detect and respond to the deficiencies and needs of the environment, strengthening relations with institutions and  companies and giving answers, among all, to the suggestions and demands that arise.
  • Develop people and technological, physical, economic and material resources, using and improving daily activity with optimisation standards.
  • Base staff training on real needs, procedures for classroom application, the most appropriate methodologies and continuous updating and improvement.
  • Promote coordination between all students/staff, based on the evaluation and continuous improvement of the procedures.
  • Develop efficient management teams based on the organisation’s total quality management model, constructive culture and transparency to boost the dynamics of all levels.
  • Comply in our activity with the requirements of legislation, environmental standards and those we assume.
  • Define, disseminate, fulfil and review the centre’s objectives based on the Management Policy. Inform staff and students about the repercussions of our activity on the environment and the environmental impacts associated with our activities.
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness and functions of the Integrated Management System in its areas.