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Administrative Management

Intermediate Cycle (NEW)


  • Administrative assistant.
  • Office assistant.
  • Administrative assistant for collections and payments.
  • Commercial administrative assistant.
  • Personnel management administrative assistant.
  • Public administration administrative assistant.
  • Receptionist.
  • Customer service clerk.
  • Treasury clerk.
  • Payment methods clerk

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You will learn to:

To carry out administrative support activities in the labour, accounting, commercial, financial and tax fields, as well as customer/user service, both in public and private companies, applying current regulations and quality protocols, ensuring customer satisfaction and acting according to occupational risk prevention and environmental protection standards. You will learn to:

  • Process internal or external documents or communications in the company’s information circuits.
  • Preparing documents and communications based on orders received or information obtained.
  • Classify, register and file communications and documents according to the appropriate techniques and parameters established in the company.
  • Record in accounting terms the supporting documentation corresponding to the company’s operations in conditions of security and quality.
  • Carry out administrative treasury management, following the rules and protocols established by management in order to maintain the organisation’s liquidity.
  • Carrying out administrative tasks in the areas of selection and training of the company’s human resources, in accordance with current regulations and company policy, under the supervision of the senior manager of the department.
  • Provide administrative support in the area of labour management of the company in accordance with current regulations and under the supervision of the senior manager of the department.
  • Carry out the administrative formalities of the commercial activity, registering the supporting documentation corresponding to certain derived fiscal obligations.
  • Carrying out customer/user service activities in the administrative and commercial field, ensuring the established quality levels related to the image of the company/institution.

* ETHAZI model: (challenge-based methodology).

  • Work is done through challenges based on collaborative learning. Learning by doing.
  • Cross-cutting skills are worked on: creativity, initiative, teamwork, communication, digital skills, …

Administrative Management

Intermediate level

Professional family: Administration and Management
Qualification: Administrative Management Technician
Nº courses: 2
Hours in the company: 380 hours
Hours in the center: 2.000 hours
Total hours: 1.620 hours

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